IAIR Awards 2011, II edition, took place successfully on November 11, 2011 at the Visconti palace in Milan, Italy.  The IAIR winners and nominees were selected through an independent survey of investors covering all different areas of alternative investments.  The online survey was conducted through the IAIR’s readership, an international editorial staff, reporters and global opinion leaders.  The survey showed how market professionals, individual and institutional investors viewed their service providers in terms of overall quality of service.

The Excellence in Alternative Investments North America was awarded to Blott Asset Management in recognition of their expertise for alternative investments.

Founded in 2005, Blott Asset Management is a leading middle market, solution oriented investment firm. The firm works on behalf of blue chip institutional investors, managing positions in companies facing difficult strategic, ownership, operational, and liquidity challenges.

The IAIR Award was given to Blott Asset Management in recognition for its distinguished performance in the US equity market since 2005. Blott Asset demonstrates skill, guile, and an ability to manage a broad range of complex scenario investments, at a time when solution oriented capital is ingrowing need in Europe,America, and around the world.

“We are pleased to be recognized by IAIR and our institutional investors and partners for delivering a six year record of achievement during this difficult credit environment”, commented Patrick Blott, the firm’s Managing Partner. “We oversee investments that are complex to structure and manage. They require tireless commitment to diligence, active leadership, and creativity to shape outcomes. And we’ve been fortunate to work with, and learn from, some of the very best. We pursue a disciplined approach toachieve forecasted exits. IAIR is the number one ranked survey of institutional investors allocated to our sector. So it is an honor for us and our advisors to be singled out by them, alongside other notable firms such as Blackrock and Rothschild.”

In particular, the firm was recognized by IAIR for the important role it played as a leader of the Official Shareholders Committee of Canwest Global Communications Corp, Canada’s third largest media company. In presenting the award, David Ward, of the European Commission, commented “Blott Asset’s two years of active engagement with Canwesthelped realize value for many stakeholders, including shareholders, the founding family, creditors, customers, employees, and Goldman Sachs private equity.It demonstrates their strong ability to invest, restructure complex securities, and manage legal aspects that impact value.”

Focus and Outlook for 2012

Most recently, Blott Asset has been working with European financial institutions to achieve FSA and European Banking Authority mandatesforJune 2012. According to Mr. Blott,some institutional lenders are moving beyond cosmetic swap arrangements. “It’s hard to insist on mark-to-market performance when valuations are down. But there’s anurgent need to raise cash and keep credit flowing. We work with the managers who are focused on fundamentals. They makehard decisions, sell assets, and restructure. That process creates opportunities for our investors.Similarly, in North America we’re actively engaged with government regulated sectors, such as defense, infrastructure, media, technology, banking, and energy. New issue loan volume is doing well, with 40% coming from European corporates seeking alternative funding from their EU lenders, most of which are cutting back. However, CLOs still fund a large percentage of that demand. That cannot last. Almost half of existing CLO funds will reach the end of their re-investment period in 2012. As this occurs, the market will struggle to fund loans and extend maturities for existing broken issues. In aggregate, CLO funding represents approximately US$160 billion of inexpensive leveraged loan purchasers that will go away before 2014. There are more than $300 billion of leveraged loans outstanding. As they begin to roll-over, itshouldcreate a lot of opportunities for solution oriented equity investors.”


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