29 03 2016

J.W. Childs Equity Partners IV, LP invests in Comoto Holdings, Inc.

Kaye Scholer recently advised middle-market private equity firm J.W. Childs Equity Partners IV, LP on its investment in Comoto Holdings, Inc., a holding company housing its portfolio company Cycle Gear, Inc. and Revzilla Motorsports, LLC, two of the nation’s leading retailers of apparel, accessories and parts for motorcycle enthusiasts.

J.W. Childs Associates, L.P. is a private equity firm specializing in leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, and recapitalizations of middle-market growth companies. The firm, led by John W. Childs, Adam L. Suttin, Todd A. Fitzpatrick, David A. Fiorentino and William E. Watts, is based in Waltham (MA). Both RevZilla and Cycle Gear will continue to operate as independent sister companies. J.W. Childs had previously invested in Cycle Gear, founded in 1974 and an omni-channel retailer operating in more than 100 stores across the US and dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts, in a transaction which closed in January of 2015. RevZilla, founded in 2007 by Anthony Bucci, Nick Auger and Matt Kull, is an eCommerce retailer that provides motorcycle enthusiasts with premium apparel, accessories and parts. Through their combined ownership of Comoto, J.W. Childs and the three RevZilla founders intend to drive further growth through leveraging each company’s respective consumer insights and complementary skills in delivering a best-in-class experience to the motorcycle enthusiast. Kaye Scholer Corporate Department co-chair Stephen Koval (Picture) led the transaction, assisted by counsel William Lonergan and associates Shay Soltani, Marisa Silver, LaToya Edwards, Tyler Conway, Sarah Wilhelm and Michael Isaacs. The client team also included Corporate Partner Glynna Christian, counsel Peter Danias and associates Nikki Mondschein and Connie Ericson; Finance partner Alan Glantz, counsel Lauretta Moran and associates Roxanne Mintz and Katy Benitez; Tax & Private Clients partners Laurie Abramowitz and Jeffrey London, special counsel Arlene Harris and associates Sarah Soloveichik and Brian Witkowski; Intellectual Property partner Paul Llewellyn; and Litigation partner Sebastian Jungermann and special counsel Glenn Pogust. Involved fees earner: Stephen Koval - Kaye Scholer; William Lonergan - Kaye Scholer; Shay Soltani - Kaye Scholer; Marisa Silver - Kaye Scholer; LaToya Edwards - Kaye Scholer; Tyler Conway - Kaye Scholer; Sarah Wilhelm - Kaye Scholer; Michael Isaacs - Kaye Scholer; Glynna Christian - Kaye Scholer; Peter Danias - Kaye Scholer; Nikki Mondschein - Kaye Scholer; Connie Ericson - Kaye Scholer; Alan Glantz - Kaye Scholer; Lauretta Moran - Kaye Scholer; Roxanne Mintz - Kaye Scholer; Katy Benitez - Kaye Scholer; Laurie Abramowitz - Kaye Scholer; Arlene Harris - Kaye Scholer; Sarah Soloveichik - Kaye Scholer; Paul Llewellyn - Kaye Scholer; Sebastian Jungermann - Kaye Scholer; Glenn Pogust - Kaye Scholer; Jeffrey London - Kaye Scholer; Brian Witkowski - Kaye Scholer;

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